10 things you should never do…

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned You Should Never Do
in no particular order


  1. criticize the child of a friend or relative.

    Acorns in Pool

    Acorns in Pool

  2. build a swimming pool directly under two large oak trees (you’ll spend your   summers cleaning up acorns and leaves) unless you can afford a really cute pool technician.
  3. put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want your grandparents or parents to read (this includes sending emails or texts when angry).
  4. place eggs still in their shells in the microwave
  5. never share an apartment with your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend.
  6. say “my child would never lie to me”
  7. consume a huge container of chili when you’re 8 and a half months pregnant
  8. hesitate to give someone a compliment
  9. fail to use ALL of your vacation days
  10. be too busy to answer a child’s question

Feel free to add some to the list?